How to Take Your Engaging Content the Extra Mile

Social media seems so convenient. 

Think about how often we're on our phones. It should be a piece of cake to promote our businesses based on the proximity of our devices. It's right at our fingertips, so it's easy to overlook how much work it takes to make it a viable marketing strategy. 

As someone who has managed social media accounts in a variety of industries, one thing that has held true across the board is that the more active the account, the more engaged the consumer. Consider your Facebook News Feed. As quickly as you can access it, it's updating with new content. Yes, it's imperative that what you share is engaging and interesting to prospective customers. But it's equally as important that you do it on a consistent basis. One great post a month isn't going to cut it.

"So am I supposed to be posting all day long?" you ask. Not necessarily. There are excellent tools available for scheduling and executing your social media content. There is definitely value in a timely Tweet, and Snapchat is truly an app for the here and now. These should still be part of your overall strategy. But establishing content that's publish-worthy and planned out will help you remain present in the feeds of those you're hoping to attract. 

I read a blog post today that said, "It’s not just about being creative. It’s about being creative, every single day. Volume wins." Everyone is online, so it's no longer about just being present, it's about being active and dedicated. Ultimately, social media marketing is about creative endurance, so let's figure out how to help you win that race.