My Career in 30 Minutes: Presenting at The Good Fight

Last month, I started volunteering at The Good Fight Community Center.

I learned about it when I was covering its founder, Nathaniel, for a feature in SEVEN Magazine. Nate was so welcoming and kind to me, giving me a tour and thanking me for my story. He proudly showed off the facility that serves as an after school hangout, a place for homework help and an outlet for burning some energy in the boxing ring. 

Working with guys like Nate makes the freelance gig totally worth it. I've lived in the area for years and I had never heard of his organization, despite the amazing things it's been doing for local kids. I was, to say the least, inspired. Just like that, I was volunteering weekly and signing myself up to speak during the "Quick Bite" program on February 21st

This program is part a professional development series that the center hosts weekly on Wednesdays. Community members can volunteer to come in and share about their career to motivate and guide these teens who need positive role models. It's a short 30 minutes with pizza after. I'm thankful for that last part. Hopefully if I tank, they'll forget about it when the Domino's gets delivered. 

In preparation for this event, I had to do an inventory of my career. Where did I start, what obstacles have I faced, how did I get where I am? I'll give you the CliffNotes, but basically it involves an interest in print media, some solid English grades, a few changes to my major in college, big shifts in technology/industry, learning to write for marketing (and everything that entails) and finally, starting my own business. That's like 13 years in a nutshell, but you get the point.

Reflecting on those years, one thing is true through them all. I never stopped writing. Sure, there were months when I was too busy or where I'd had enough. But in general, I've plugged away that entire time. Practice, practice, practice. That's how I got where I am today.

Someone once told me that if you want to run fast, you have to run, fast. Sprinters don't get faster by running slow. You have to do the thing to get the thing. I wanted to write, so I just keep writing. There are so many hard lessons that the kids at The Good Fight will encounter throughout their lives, but this seems like one that's easy to digest. Kind of like pizza. 

Join Nate's mission and volunteer or donate to The Good Fight today.