Life in the Fast Lane

How to prioritize when playing catch-up

It's easy to get off track.

I'm the perfect example, actually. It's July and I haven't written a blog post (for myself) since February. Life moves at a million miles an hour and sometimes tasks go on the back-burner. But when you're marketing your business and managing a busy life, it's helpful to prioritize. Here are a few dos and don'ts I apply to my own hectic schedule.

Don't post just for the hell of it. 
No interesting material? Skip it. Yes, regular communication is key on social media, but if you waste a month on not-that-engaging content, your followers won't follow quite as closely when you do have something of value to post. 

Do keep in touch with your clients.
You might not have time for your overflowing inbox, but others are waiting to hear from you. Individual communications are especially important in our mass-mailing world, so make some time for them. 

Don't let reporting fall to the wayside.
You were keeping up diligently on the metrics produced by your ads, emails and posts. Then you got busy and suddenly you're left trying to figure out what exactly went wrong 60 days ago. Even if it's a brief overview, pull your analytics at least once a month. Even better, automate that report and you'll really have no excuse.

Do use mail merges.
I know it's an extra step to insert and configure a bunch of merge fields to send your clients customized communications. Do it anyway. Sure, everyone kind of understands that it's not truly "personalized," but it still beats a spammy "to whom it may concern." 

Don't lose sight of your messaging.
If you tag someone in to help, first of all, lucky you! It's great to have resources! But make sure they're understanding of the tone and branding you've established. They may not convey your "voice" exactly, but try to guide them toward as much consistency as possible. 

Do schedule campaigns when you have time.
If you get a few minutes, schedule your next post or email campaign and check it off your list now, instead of urgently before it needs to go out. I live by the set-it-and-forget-it approach, especially when I'm bogged down with daily tasks.